The Kit

The Kit

EASYSCAN is the all-in-one water leak locator kit. All you need for your leak detection operation is stowed in one ruggedized carry case. In just a few seconds, the device can be transformed into a correlator, a ground microphone or an electronic listening stick, depending on the specific field application.

The ergonomic design of the kit, the fast and easy setup and the fact that all main components connect wirelessly mean that the EASYSCAN is both highly efficient, convenient and a big pleasure to work with.

Basic Kit

The basic kit contains:

  • EASYSCAN Sensor A: Red
  • EASYSCAN Sensor B: Blue
  • USB Link charger cable
  • 3 rods for the listening function (one pointed rod, one extension rod and one rod with handle)
  • 1 ground plate for the ground mic function
  • 2 cords with magnets and Easyclip
  • 1 carry case

Optional Accessories

  • Android smartphone with pre-installed software and app (upon request and specification)
  • Android tablet with pre-installed software and app (can be purchased in this shop)
  • Around-the-Ear Teufel Aureol headphones

Digital Components

  • The EASYSCAN App can be downloaded for free in Google Playstore
  • In the PREMIUM cloud option you can upload all measurements and results and later review and listen them conveniently on our desktop PC.