After a leak has been pinpointed by the correlation function, acoustic listening is used to validate the exact location above ground. Using GPS coordination, the EASYSCAN app will guide you to the expected leak location. You easily find your way on the street-map and can confirm the exact location on the map. All information including the sound recordings can be saved on the map and later reviewed and even listened again. It has never been so simple and efficient.

Your exact position will be located with GPS and conveniently shown on the street-map of your app. If a leak is found, it can be saved on the map including the original sounds of your search. Everything can be reviewed and listened again later. This saves a lot of time and administrative work.

Listening Device Applications

There are 3 options for your listening search. A perfect solution for every situation you may encounter.

Electronic Listening Stick

Ground Microphone

Direct attachment to metallic fitting

With just a few simple steps the set can be modified into a ground microphone, listening stick or directly attached to metallic fittings.

Ground Microphone

The ground microphone is designed to find leaks under sealed surfaces like roads. It works best on flat and hard grounds.

First the handle rod and the extension rod will be screwed together. Then the ground plate will be screwed into the extension rod. Finally, the sensor with magnet will be placed onto the ground plate.

Listening Stick

The pointed rod is used in the localisation stage making direct contact on accessible pipes and fittings and can be inserted into soft ground.

The pointed rod can be screwed into the extension rod. In addition, the extension rod can be screwed into the sensor.

Direct attachment to metallic fitting

The magnet microphone can be stuck directly onto pipes, fittings or locks. A convenient and fast way to listen to different objects quickly.

For this option, a magnet can be easily screwed directly into the sensor.

Moreover, the sensor with the magnet, the cord and the EasyClip is the perfect answer to listen to objects that are located in deep chambers and would normally be difficult to reach and listen to.