Correlation Function

Correlation Function

Conventional correlators require the leak operative to input a number of data points into the correlation software, including the material, diameter and exact length of each pipe segment between the sensors. The quality of the result largely depends on the user’s ability to bring about a clear correlation peak using manual filter ranges. The decision whether or not a leak is there is up to the user and usually requires a great deal of experience. If a correlation was not successful, the user has no way of reproducing the results (or lack thereof) at a later stage, let alone understand them in the context of an entire neighbourhood; results are essentially isolated and ad hoc.

EASYSCAN is different.

  • It does away with measuring distances: the user automatically obtains GPS positions of the two sensors that can be manually adjusted on the device’s street map. By drawing the piping in the same map, the pipe lengths are automatically calculated. Any identified leaks will also automatically be displayed at their calculated geo-location on the street map.
  • It does away with manual filtering: EASYSCAN incorporates the same powerful “auto filter” that was developed for the high-end correlators in the GUTERMANN range. Once the sensors are programmed and deployed, a correlation result appears automatically.
  • It does away with ambiguity: At the end of the measurement EASYSCAN will tell you whether there is a leak or not. And if there is, you will be able to switch to the Listening function at the push of a button and listen to the leak noise at the indicated leak position.
  • It does away with the lack of transparency: All measurements, whether there was a leak ornot, can be saved in the device’s memory and reviewed again at a later point. As Premium member you can even upload all measurements to your Cloud account and display all results on the same Google Maps interface, giving you a clear picture of the state of your water network.

That’s EASYSCAN – Smart, simple and easy.

EASYSCAN correlation explained

Connecting the EasyClip to the sensor


Deploying a sensor on a valve


Entering the pipe properties in the App


Discover the results in the App


Required components for correlation (all included in the Basic kit):

  • 2 EASYSCAN sensors red & blue
  • 2 cords with EasyClip and magnet to lower sensors down in chambers
  • 1 EASYSCAN Link to facilitate data transfer between the sensors and the app device
  • Android device with EASYSCAN app installed: smartphone or tablet