The cloud (optional Premium service)

The cloud (optional Premium service)

The EASYSCAN Premium service is another great innovation in the field of acoustic leak detection instruments. It turns your device from a purely individual and one-off measurement device into a manually operated remote transmission unit (RTU).

Asset Management Tool

  • Individual operators: All your successful correlations, including their respective soundings and all other listening events, but also measurements that did not produce a correlation can be uploaded to your personal cloud account. They will be stored in your account for as long as you are a Premium member and can be accessed and shown on a Google Maps interface at your convenience and from your office desk.
  • Corporate operators: If you own and operate more than one EASYSCAN device or have contractors using your equipment you can upload data from several EASYSCAN devices into the same geographic map. This will allow you to have full transparency over the activities and the results of your various leakage teams and benchmark the performance of different teams or parts of your water network.


The Premium service offers a convenient view of the state of your network at a glance and helps you find hotspots in the pipe network. All historic measurements are aggregated and can also be shown in the same map or hidden if older than a certain date. Listening events can be replayed and correlations reproduced with their respective pipe properties. Furthermore, a convenient print-report function helps create statistics on your leak detection activities and the occurrence of leak events. And finally, a easy-to-use event management tool helps assign event investigation or schedule repair works, as well as classify (and close) events once they have been fixed or identified as non-leaks.

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